Not my typical portrait shot, I'm not really one for selfies normally. I snapped the shot quickly during a wedding I was recently shooting. The baby is Reuben, who is the son of one of the Bridesmaids (Pippa). Things were a bit hectic and I always like to help however I can. Jen, the Bride commented on my facebook page "not only did we get a photographer, but a nanny, maid, chauffeur, co-ordinator and friend". I'll be spending a lot of time with you on your wedding day, so it's important that you know you can get on with me. If you're interested in finding out whether we can work together, get in touch to arrange to meet for a drink, or to discuss your wedding over the phone.


I specialise in Wedding photography and have what you could describe as a mixed style, incorporating documentary and creative photography. You've probably come across lots of photographers describing their style without any real explanation, so let me delve deeper...


Documentary, Candid or Reportage is shot in the style of photojournalism, concentrating on accurately recording your day and capturing those intimate moments that we simply can't stage. If you want lots of shots of your guests being silly, proud, emotional, then you'll love this style of shooting. This will give you a record of details such as table decorations, but also capture the reactions of those at your wedding authentically. Every wedding will look different and there's no way to know which of these will be your favourite memory of the day, or even something you only find out about what you view your photos!


Creative or Artistic photography comes in when we do the intimate portraits of the bride and groom during the day of the wedding. These will be more styled and directed, but I'm still looking for those intimate moments between the couple. These are the portraits where you aren't just looking at the camera, you're rather the main element of the image.


In reality, I'll be moving between styles on your day, taking candid shots of your guests, but always looking for the best light to show people in. We'll also undoubtedly dip into traditional or classic wedding photography to get you some group shots with family. I'm more than happy to meet with you and discuss the way I do weddings and what you have in mind.


Though based in Kent, I am prepared to travel to your shoot, wherever it may be, please do contact me to discuss your arrangements.


I am able to process your photos so you don't have to worry about any editing yourself and will always include this in my price. Your photos will be available to view on a private gallery online so you can purchase additional prints if needed.


I enjoy all forms of photography and an happy to experiment with any specific ideas you have of what you want, as well as offering my advice on how we might be able to achieve your vision. Please do get in touch and we can discuss how best to help you. All my services are flexible and be tailored to your needs, so please do ask if there's anything you'd like to know.