Remembrance Sunday

November 08, 2015  •  2 Comments

Selective Colour Photography of Red Poppies at Lochnagar Crater - Battle of the SommePoppies at Lochnager Crater

It's been a while since I posted, but with today being Remembrance Sunday, I thought I'd share some shots I took earlier this year around Ypres and the Somme. I was always involved with Remembrance Parades as a child, through Scouts and Cadets; I can remember the cold mornings playing the bugle at a local village service, or on parade in the public gardens at home in Braintree as a young boy. I always felt very proud to be actively involved in the act of remembrance, though no one in my family has served since the last world war. My grandad was in the fleet air arm, but like many I'm sure, hasn't really talked to us about the war. As he gets older (he's 92 now) he has started to share more with us, such as when he served in the UK driving round collecting downed aircraft for repair. Of his time abroad, he speak little, but I know he always thinks fondly of those he served with and for.

The following shots are from a trip with a school, serving to educate students who may never have heard 'war stories' from their grandparents. As their history teacher reflected at the time, the statistics of the war mean little to us, the numbers are too much to comprehend. I was particularly impressed with this trip focusing on individuals, telling the current students stories of the boys who served, including some from their own school. It was deeply moving to stand with members of the same school and hear the school report for the boy buried in front of us. Hopefully this empathy will keep those who come to learn of the wars from repeating the mistakes of the past.

School Photograph and Gravestone of first world war soldierGrave and Photograph of Brentwood School Pupil

Black and White Photography of German war graves at Langemark CemetaryMass Graves at Langemark German Cemetary

Landscape Photography of Memorial of Brooding Soldier at Vancouver CornerThe Brooding SoldierMemorial at Vancouver Corner, the site of the first gas attack, suffered by the Canadian First Division Landscape Photography of memorial and war graves at Theipval MemorialJoint allied graves at Thiepval, the memorial to the missing. Photograph of War grave and rose at Essex Farm Dressing station and cemetaryGrave and Rose in Essex Farm dressing station, where 'In Flander Fields' was penned. Photograph of War graves and Roses at Tyne Cott Cemetary - WW1Memorial Wall at Tyne Cott Cemetary



Chris Potter Photography
Thanks Paul, I was deeply impressed with the students, they really got a lot out of it. I'm looking forward to taking another group next year.
Paul Gatenby(non-registered)
Great pictures, Chris. I'm sure your students will have had a positive experience.
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