GB rafting needs your help!

September 08, 2015  •  2 Comments

It was my absolute pleasure a couple of weeks ago to travel up to the Lee Valley White Water Centre near London to do some action sports photography for the GB R6 (six person) Whitewater Rafting Team.  Whilst I'm sure many of us have had a go in a raft, and probably some of you have even sworn about a raft bearing down on you when sitting in an eddy, it was exceptional to see a team really put the craft through its paces properly.

Sports photography of team GB men's white water kayaking team and Lee Valley White Water Center

The GB rafting teams, despite training exceptionally hard, are self funding. They already have some sponsors, but were keen to get some shots together in order to attract further publicity and funding.

The team are intending to compete in this year's World Championships in Indonesia, but need support to be able to afford this. As well as the team hopefully being able to use my shots, I have set up a gallery for anyone interested in donating to their cause. If you buy any prints from this gallery, 90% of the profits will go directly to the team. Dan has set up a gofundme page if you'd like to donate but don't want a print, anything you can give them to help would be appreciated.

Sports photography of team GB men's white water kayaking team and Lee Valley White Water Center - Action shot

Whilst at the course, we had the opportunity to photograph competitors training for the world canoe slalom championships as well, do check out the gallery.

If you're part of a sports team or are organising an event and need a photographer, please do contact me to discuss your needs.

I was fortunate enough to be joined by some excellent colleagues to aid in the photoshoot who I must thank: Tom Jeavons, Laura Caiels and Jodi Hanagan (all available at reasonable price!)



Chris Potter Photography
Any time Jodi, thanks for coming along!
Jodi Hanagan(non-registered)
Thanks so much Chris for letting me come alone I had a blast and also its the only time I have had to photograph with a life jacket on. Agree with all your saying this team deserves help, a great bunch of hard working athletes! Let me know if they need any further help as loved the experience! :)
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