Kent Engagement Photography - Marita and Steve

August 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Here are a few shots from the amazing Knowle Country House, with the fantastic Marita and Steve. We came to have a little look around and get a few shots before their big day later this year. I can't get over the venue, not only is it right on my doorstep (always a bonus), but with accomodation for the couple, a formal restaurant, a relaxed garden room, oak panelled bar, walled garden, summerhouse and lake, there really is everything in one place - no need to bus guests around here!

I can't wait to get Marita and Steve's wedding shots, but I know they're not keen on having their pictures taken. I advised that we get together before the wedding to get them used to having a camera focussed on them, and I hope you agree they've risen to the occasion.

Keep your eyes on the blog for their wedding at The Knowle Country House, coming soon!

If you're interested in having me shoot you for your engagement, wedding or a portrait shoot, please do Couples portrait by victorian manorThe wide shotTo get Marita and Steve comfortable, we started out with some nice wide shots. I know that I'll get some landscapes with them in at their wedding, so this has reassured them that I won't be in their face too much. Couples portrait black and whiteTightening inNot all closer shots need to be in your face. Remaining at a distance, but with a tighter lens, Marita and Steve started to relax into things. Black and white couples portrait"The arty shot"I showed Marita this to demonstrate that she wouldn't need to be holding a smile or staring down the camera all day. She titled it. Couples portrait on benchIn her hairIt was starting to get wet and windy at this point, so we retreated to the cover of the summerhouse. I love how the wind has caught Marita's hair here. Sometimes challenging conditions make for the best shots! Couple holding hands on benchThe look of loveBeing intimate in front of a relative stranger is intimidating. I wanted to show Marita and Steve that simple gestures can communicate a lot and they only had to show as much as they were comfortable with. I love the feeling communicated here through heads and hands. .


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